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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Windy City Cleaning Is A Well-Reviewed And Highly Sought After Green Cleaning Service in Chicago

green cleaning service chicagoFor Windy City Cleaning, environmental stewardship and green cleaning are not just buzzwords that we like to throw around when we want to market our cleaning services. We’re fully aware of the fact that the choices we make in cleaning procedures, systems, equipment, and products do impact our lives and economy. Many studies confirm that lower productivity, employee sick time, but also student absenteeism, and the increase rates of childhood asthma all have to do with a poor indoor environmental quality.

Protect Your Most Valuable Clients, Employees, And Assets

As a green cleaning Chicago service, Windy City Cleaning’s goal for a workplace, school or office is to protect the health of the cleaning personnel, visitors, occupants, but also to minimize as much as possible the polluting effects on our water and air. If we look at the definition of cleaning, we see that this is a process that involves locating, determining, containing, and eventually disposing of and removing a dangerous or otherwise unwanted substance from an environment. From that we can clearly understand that cleaning needs to be focused, scheduled, and organized so that it achieves certain objectives, mainly those that have to do with protecting valuable property and health.

Green Cleaning Costs No More Than Traditional Cleaning

The cost of green cleaning Chicago services is the same as traditional cleaning services, yet with the main difference that when it’s done right, it helps create a much healthier environment. That is due to the fact that no surface films and fragrances are used to mask the lack of cleanliness.

As such, Windy City Cleaning doesn’t just replace your current cleaning products with eco friendly cleaners. We also use special cleaning methods that aim to minimize the negative impact on the environment and human health as opposed to traditional programs and products that do come with a series of risks to both.

eco-friendly cleaning chicagoOur eco friendly cleaning solutions control allergens from fragrances and dyes, but also reduce harmful VOC emotions which results in a much healthier indoor environment. We do believe that it’s important for people to opt for green cleaning chicago services, yet regular scheduled green maintenance and cleaning are of equal importance as well. An adequately designed and implemented plan will eventually positively impact your facility, the people in it, and of course, your return on investment.