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Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

Windy City Cleaning Is A Well-Reviewed And Highly Sought After Chicago Apartment Cleaning And Maid Service

With 1000s of apartments and homes that need to be cleaned in the Chicago area, it’s easy to gauge that not everyone has the time or mood to clean their place. This means that at any given time there are a lot of rental units that require move out or move in cleaning. With hundreds of crew on call, Windy City Cleaning offers top quality apartment cleaning Chicago services for your immediate move out or move in requirements anywhere in the Chicago area.

As a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning service with more than 15 years of experience, Windy City Cleaning knows a thing or two about keeping apartments clean. If there’s one thing that we do better than anyone else that is attention to detail. Regardless if it’s an emergency apartment cleaning, a regular cleaning or maybe a move out or move in cleaning, we handle everything fast and always get the job done with great results.

Get in touch with us today to get a free quote and learn more about our special programs that are specifically designed for any type of cleaning and house/apartment you may have.

Our Chicago Apartment Cleaning Service Staff Know That:

  1. Anyone who wants to rent your apartment wants it to be squeaky clean.
  2. We offer very short TAT for apartment move out and move in cleaning. We can also send someone to clean your place as soon as you book our service.
  3. We can easily work around the schedule of other professionals that you may have hired to work in the apartment, including pest control, plumbers, etc.
  4. We know that a thorough clean means that everything in the apartment needs to be perfectly cleaned. This includes inside cabinets, restroom rings, carpet extraction, baseboards, vents, etc.

Our Chicago Apartment Cleaning Service Explained:

You can expect an apartment cleaning Chicago to offer you the top notch cleaning services you expect without overlooking details. Our staff is trained to use a wide variety of cleaning equipment, so you can rest assured the job will be completed to a high standard. In fact, we clean about seven million square feet on a daily basis, so we’re very confident that no matter how demanding our customers are, we can completely meet their needs and expectations by:

  1. Using technology to effectively track special cleaning needs in real time.
  2. Facilitating communication between your staff and the cleaning crew at your apartment through the use of an internet communication tool and also notebooks.
  3. Using micro fiber dusting and mopping systems, but also eco friendly cleaning solutions and technologies.
  4. Doing spot inspections that can help us offer better quality services.
  5. Coming up with a published and detailed cleaning schedule when needed.
  6. Focusing on deep cleaning the apartment floor, ceiling and everything in between.